About Carbana

Carbana started, based on the belief that car washes in the UK could be much better.

Founder and CEO, Simon Moxon along with COO Wayne Munnelly the ex MD of IMO Car wash Group, understood that the UK hand car washes were in a deplorable state. A lot of petrol forecourt car wash offerings were substandard and had inconsistent quality, ineffective hardware which was quite often out of service. Sites were unattractive with no emphasis on environmental issues and in some cases staff were controlled by modern slavery, with unfair wages and a lack of protective clothing. There was also an apparent inefficiency in water usage, acid chemical and waste runoff into main sewers, and poor compliance with environmental laws.

Both Moxon and Munnelly knew there is a much better way, so Carbana started to be developed.

Carbana’s mission is to professionalise car cleaning in the UK with a high quality, technology driven, eco-friendly self-serve car washing service.

Join the customers that have both a Clean Car and Clean Conscience today!

Car Wash Association

Our customers, team of employees, suppliers and management are the cornerstone of our business success. Our business is about people and relationships providing excellent customer service, with a Clean Car and Clean Conscience.

Carbana is an active member of the Car Wash Association and prides itself on supporting this sector as its roles out its locations.