Car Wash Systems

Carbana has an exclusive partnership with Adriateh, who deliver best-in-class self-service car wash solutions and machinery, where “technology meets art” and this is achieved by Carbana having the exclusive rights to their “Tertis” design for the UK.

Carbana sites are a minimum of 3 self-serve wash bay, with the majority of sites being 4 or 5 self-serve wash bay – all sites are a buy time system, and are cashless and accept all major credit cards, as well as apple and google pay, via contactless payment only.

Carbana prides itself on never using harsh acid based chemicals at any of its locations – all our wash solutions are biodegradable, which in turn helps to protect the environment, plus every location Carbana builds has a interceptor fitted, so that only liquid is sent to the sewer system, and any solution residue and car traffic film is collected and disposed off via our environmental waste contractor.

As well as its self-serve wash bay system, Carbana also offers dog washing and a Revolution laundromat at each location.